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Mudra Yoga - A divine gift to humanity

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The fingers hold a great secret !!!

By forming mudras with the fingers, very many physical disorders can be prevented, controlled and cured.  Not only physical,  there are super-effective mudra-related practices for mental stress and the complications brought about by stress.

Mudras balance the five elements of the body …if the elements are balanced, no ground for a disease.  You can do anjio-plasty with mudras. You can avoid caessarian operations in delivery.  You can improve the metabolism of the bones, increase the height of children, achieve weight reduction, also weight increase, drain the excess water and fluids accumulated inside the body, take care of ear-ache instantly, relieve colic pain …by mudras.  Heart mudra is a great life-saver in emergencies. This great life-saver shows a great efficiency in a minimal job also – releasing cramps …on external muscles and internal organs also.  Menstrual pains, cramps and irregularities, urine infection, …all could be wiped out very easily.

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