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Mudra Yoga - A divine gift to humanity

The fingers hold a great secret.  By forming mudras with the fingers, very many physical disorders can be prevented, controlled and cured.  Not only physical,  there are super-effective mudra-related practices for mental stress and the complications brought about by stress. 

Mudras balance the five elements of the body …if the elements are balanced, no ground for a disease.  You can do anjio-plasty with mudras. You can avoid caessarian operations in delivery.  You can improve the metabolism of the bones, increase the height of children, achieve weight reduction, also weight increase, drain the excess water and fluids accumulated inside the body, take care of ear-ache instantly, relieve colic pain …by mudras.  Heart mudra is a great life-saver in emergencies. This great life-saver shows a great efficiency in a minimal job also – releasing cramps …on external muscles and internal organs also.  Menstrual pains, cramps and irregularities, urine infection, …all could be wiped out very easily.  You can stop a running nose (common cold) in five minutes by use of a mudra and some breathing. (Possible in any other system?) There are mudras to optimize the water-content of the brain, thereby preventing memory loss in old age. There are mudras that strengthen the brain, and improve the coordination between the two sides of the brain.  Tinnitus, thyroid, prostate, allergy, asthma, blood pressure (high and low), heart diseases, back-ache, headache, epilepsy  …why prolong the list, there are remedies for almost all health problems in Mudra Yoga.

(Other than mudras done with fingers, there are some other categories of mudras also – Viparitha karani mudra, yoga mudra and the like – done with the whole body,  …khechari mudra,   Shambhavi mudra etc.a done with the tongue, eyes etc.  and also mudras used mainly in rituals, pooja, ..and so on.)

The cost of all other systems of cure is becoming prohibitive day by day.  Modern medicine tries to handle health problems mostly with chemical medicines …which are sort of artillery against diseases and also against general health in the long run.  Traditional and alternative systems such as Siddha Vaidyam, ayurveda and even naturopathy are also becoming unapproachable.  Asanas and pranayamas also are impracticable in cases where there are physical constraints.  In this context MUDRA YOGA stands out as a consolation and great hope.

All those who have tried out some mudras for specific problems and convinced of the results turn back and ask one question:  ‘Why is it not becoming popular?’  Now with this we are launching our effort towards popularizing this ‘precious gift to humanity’.


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